Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find the answers to the questions that most Pet Parents usually have about bringing their dogs in for Daycare and/or Boarding!

What do I need to get my dog 3 Free Trial Days at Bark & Play?

     We first need a little information on your pup(s) to ensure that they will have a blast while they are at Bark & Play. You can find the proper paperwork in the Newbie Section of our website. There are some questions that will help us to know about your pup(s) such as energy level, eating habits, general behavior, and personality.

     You will be asked to bring your most recent proof of vaccinations with an expiration or next due date from your veterinarian. The three that are required are Bordetella, Rabies, and Distemper (DHPP or DHLPP). We are more than happy to call your veterinarian to get that information if you need us to!

Do I need to make a reservation for my Trial Day?

     Yes! To keep our pack at a manageable number, we ask for a reservation so that your pup(s) gets the time and attention that it deserves while at Daycare.

I take my pup(s) to the dog park or has been to other dog daycares before, do I need to do a Trial Day?

     We like to have a Trial Day so that we can get acquainted with your pup(s)! We take our time and slowly introduce the new kids to the pack. When a new dog comes into a playroom, every dog stops what they are doing to come say hi and get their sniffs in. For a dog that has not been around that particular pack of dogs, it can be a little overwhelming. We take the new kids into a smaller play area where we will introduce your pup(s) to a few of our pups a couple at a time. Once we see that any nervousness goes away, we bring them into the play area and watch them have fun! It gives us a chance to see how your pup(s) will do in our pack, and also to let you see what sets us apart from other dog daycares.

How will I know how my pup(s) did on their Trial Day?    

     We have our playroom set up with live web cams that you can check at any point in the day to see how they are doing. We will also provide you with a report card with all the events of the day, complete with their new friends they have played with and the activities they enjoyed. You are also welcome to call us at any time to see how they are doing! At pick up time, we will go over everything with you and let you know if your pup(s) is a good fit.

What should I expect when I pick up my pup(s) from Daycare?

     One tired pup!!! Even the less active pups will be sleeping in the car before you even leave the parking lot! Bark & Play always has plenty of fresh water for the pack to drink, but don’t be surprised if your pup is thirsty when you get home.

Can I bring food for my pup(s) while they are at Daycare?

     Absolutely! We will feed them and keep track of how much they ate for you. Some dogs, especially new kids, have a hard time eating while at Daycare. This is nothing to worry about. They are more than likely having so much fun with their new friends that food is the last thing they are thinking about.

What if my dog is more of a mingler than a player?

     We have all energy levels that come to see us! There are dogs that care not about the humans or the other dogs, just the toys that we have in the playroom. There are dogs that follow the humans around so as not to risk missing a single belly rub. And there are dogs that only care about playing with everyone. We have poochie cots that line both the inside and outside play areas so that when it’s time to relax, they have something soft to lay on and keep them up off the floor.

How does Bark & Play discipline behavior?

     We only use non-violent methods of behavior correction, such as a water spray, or kennels for time outs and naps. We have each kennel set up with a timer to make sure that no pup is in time out for longer than the crime calls for.

Does Bark & Play have any breed restrictions?

     Unfortunately yes. As required by law in the City and County of Denver, we cannot take American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, or Staffordshire Bull Terriers. (Sec. 8.55). We do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. As soon as the law allows, we will change this policy.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

     Absolutely! The only exception is if they are to young and haven’t matured yet. The standard for us is 6 months old. Any older is a must.